Would you like to get to know people?
Want to know what people are doing in your city?
Want to know what others are doing?
Want to know what others laugh?
Do you want to just chat?

Not many people find it easy to talk to anyone.
It will be easier on a common interest ...

Read the difference.

People from your neighborhood

Sharing an interest?

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An interest?

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Fragende Frau

What is an interest?

An interest can be everything! It only needs to call on people to make contact with you. Your interest shows people through which topic you want to make contact with them.

How can I get to know new people on interest.chat ?

You can get to know new people on interest.chat if you share an interest and people make contact with you.

The other option is that you get in touch with people by responding to their interests.

further questions ...

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